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Encrypt your Live Chat with Cryptocat

Encrypt your Live Chat with Cryptocat

Encrypt your Live Chat with Cryptocat :-

Encrypt your chat is really important for your Privacy. You can easily Encrypt your chat with Cryptocat.

Available for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Mac, Cryptocat is a secure, encrypted chat service. You and people you to chat to will need to have Cryptocat installed. You then need to give yourself and then the secure chartroom a name. To join a chat you just need to enter it,s name when prompted.

While the interface is basic, and it won’t win any awards for design, Cryptocat will keep your private chat truly private. What it can’t do is make you anonymous – while the content of your communication is encrypted, your identity can still be traced as your connection to Cryptocat is not hidden. To stay truly hidden use Cryptocat in conjunction with TOR.

Cryptocat is free software that aims to provide an open, accessible Instant Messaging environment that encrypts your conversations and works right in your browser.

Cryptocat is an open source experiment — the goal is to provide the easiest, most accessible way to chat while maintaining your privacy online, because privacy needs to be accessible.

It’s useful for everyone :

Friends use Cryptocat to talk without revealing messages to a third party. LGBTQ activists use Cryptocat to keep private matters private. Journalists use Cryptocat to keep their stories and research confidential. Cryptocat is made for everyone.

Lets Start, Open https://crypto.cat/  and download for your browser, it,s available for all popular browsers. I am using google chrome for this presentation.

Encrypt your Live Chat with Cryptocat

Now it will comes under your Browser, Double click on it to open it.

Now ask your friend to do the same process. Enter your Conversion Name and enter your Conversion name

like below

Now click on the Connect , it will generate your Encryption Key.

Now start your chat

For more Privacy, use the Tor Network.

Enjoy your Private Encrypted chat room.

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