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Find and Stop unwanted bandwidth hogs on your PC


Find and Stop unwanted bandwidth hogs on your PC :-

If you have limited data plan, then this tutorial is for you. My many friends are always asking me why my data plan is going to end-up very fast ? answer is very simple there are lots of program is running in background in your pc which are secretly connected with internet and hogging your bandwidth.

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Today i am going to show you how to Find and Stop unwanted bandwidth hogs on your PC with Currports utility.

CurrPorts ( Download Now ) will show you all the program on your PC, including those running in the background that are currently connected to the internet. You can use it to identify malware that’s reporting on your activities and spot unwanted software you don’t want hogging your bandwidth.

Download and Run currports with Run as administrator .


it will show you all available open ports and connections.


at the bottom of the list, you’ll see unknown processes, with Time wait in the State column. Don’t worry about these – the are processes that have been shutdown and are waiting to be closed. You will see a lot of system processes, which you can also ignore.


Now select the process that you want to close and click on the close button to close the services.


Currports will block only for time being, if you want to stop permanently then open the run ( windows + R) and enter the command msconfig  and remove the programs from Startup.


Enjoy your full bandwidth.

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