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Follow these Tips before selling your Mac to someone

If you are preparing to sell your Mac, then the last thing you wish to do is shove it in the original box. Your computer has some personal details which could reveal a lot about you to the new owner. Here are some steps to prepare you for selling your MacBook. Take a look:

Backup you’re Mac: It means you have to create a replica of your computer files, data and setting so that you don’t have to search for stuff on your new Mac. You can either go for a hard drive transfer or choose Time Machine.

Log out of iTunes: You can deauthorize your system to use your Apple ID for iTunes and other Apple store purchases. It is important to sign out of everything before you put your device on sale.

Sign out of iCloud: Just like it is important to de-authorize your Mac for Apple App store, you should perform it for iCloud too. These are two different services offered by Apple. When you sign out of iCloud on your MacBook, it prevents the new owner from accessing your iCloud data.

Log out of iMessage: You should also log out of iMessage on your Mac if you have any privacy related.

Un-pair your Bluetooth device: well, this is highly optional but you can always do it. Un-pairing your Bluetooth device to prevent any arising issues where your Bluetooth gadget may continue to be in operation with your sold Mac.

Clear the Touch Bar data if you have MacBook Pro with Touch bar: You should clear the device’s Touch Bar data before giving it to a new buyer. The Touch Bar abodes the Touch ID sensor which authenticates your finger print for the data stored on your Mac. Thus, it is important to clear the Touch bar data too.

Wipe out and reinstall MacOS: Well, the last and most important thing to do before selling your MacBook is to reformat it and reinstall MacOS. It will wipe out the storage drive and you will be able to hand over a completely new device to your buyer.

Well, you are all prepared to sell. Once you have performed all the above mentioned steps you are now ready to sell your Mac to a second hand market. As a bonus, consider doing a gentle wipe out with a neat cloth to clean the screen and remove finger oils from the keyboard. Now, the best way to sell your MacBook is to know the quote you are being offered after an analysis of its condition and model.

Macback website is the best place to get an immediate price quote after updating the model name, condition and grade of the product. Once you get the quote, you can provide your address details and the technicians will come and pick it from your doorsteps and immediately supply the discussed amount in your bank account. Isn’t it a feasible and happy way to put your laptop on sale and get it sold at the best value.


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