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Get Your Own QR Codes + QR Landing Pages

QR codes or “quick response” are small black and white barcodes. They usually appear in direct mail, signs, and advertising posters and even in television commercials. For some years, QR codes have been one of the central topics of discussion when marketing expert try to find out if a convinced technology has already gone out of style.

The only certainty is that a unanimous answer has not yet been reached. QR codes for landing pages help enterprises move forward.

Creating QR Codes Is Very Simple With These Four Steps:

Step 1: Select A QR Code Generator:

There are many QR code generators, but some of the most popular are Kaywa, GOQR. Me, Visualead and QR Stuff. When choosing a QR code generator, keep in mind if you can monitor and analyze its performance, if it allows you to design a code that is unique to your brand and if it is compatible with the most common QR code readers.

Step 2: Design And Link Your QR Code:

The funniest thing about creating QR codes is to customize your design according to your brand. Do you desire the QR code to look like your logo? Ahead! Do you want it to reflect the design of your website? No problem to demonstrate that the process is very simple; let’s select one of the previous QR code generators and design a code together.

Select the type of content that you want the Oysso QR code to send to the consumer; for this example, you will choose a URL. It is effortless. You have more options to customize the QR code; you can modify the colors, add a logo, and create options for social networks and more.

Step 3: Test The QR Code:

Do not overlook to confirm that the QR code can be read properly and tests with a number of readers. The free Google tool is excellent for this, as it takes a picture and informs you which link or item it reads. Another superior free tool is the QR Code Reader, which automatically directs you to any information you read. Test to make sure the code can also be read with this tool.

Step 4: Monitor And Analyze Code Performance:

As with marketing campaigns, you should monitor all campaigns or additional materials that use QR codes to determine their performance. How much traffic does each specific code generate? Do users scan the code, but do not redeem the offer when they arrive at the landing page?

Or are you not even interested in scanning the QR code? Obtaining this information will help you identify the problem, find the solution, and modify the QR codes that have poor performance so that they are more similar to those with better performance.

It is recommended to include a UTM tracking code in the URL to better measure performance. This is especially important if you use closed-cycle marketing analysis and if you are used to analyzing detailed reports in your campaigns.


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