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FoneDog Phone Transfer Review

“Please help me! I usually used an Android phone, but I found it would run slowly after  long usage. Thus, I decided to try to use the iPhone. But here the problem is that I have used my android phone for 3 three years, so I have a lot of important data in it, for example, photos, videos, and contacts. I don’t know how to transfer this data to my iPhone? Is there any easy way for me to transfer my android data to my iPhone? I don’t want to lose them! Please help me! Thanks in advance!”

– By Lilian

As we all know, Android system and iOS system are 2 mainstream operating systems. There is no doubt that you are either using Android phone or iPhone, therefore you may encounter the mentioned problem, that is, how to transfer your data between android device and iDevice. Don’t worry, today I will show you an excellent third-party data transfer toolkit for you, which will help you solve the problem you concerned. This third-party data transfer toolkit is FoneDog Phone Transfer.

Before you have a close look at how to use this toolkit to tackle your problem, I’d like to show you what is FoneDog Phone Transfer and why you should choose it?

Part 1: What Is FoneDog Phone Transfer?

For one side, FoneDog Phone Transfer can transfer files, such as music, photos, video, contacts and some applications from iOS devices to iOS devices, from  Android devices to Android devices, from Windows computer to iOS devices, from Windows computer to Android devices as well as transfer data between iOS devices and Android devices. So you don’t need to worry whether it could transfer data between different operating systems or not. The answer is yes! For the other side, it can also backup all the mentioned data and support making ringtone and converting HEIC.

What’s more, it supports the devices and system including all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, even the latest iOS 12. As for Android devices, android 2.3 to android 9.0 running android is supported. For example, Samsung series, HTC series, HUAWEI series, XiaoMi series or other Android devices!

Part 2: Why You Should Choose FoneDog Phone Transfer?

FoneDog Phone Transfer is a powerful data transfer toolkit. Besides the basic data transfer function, it is also a perfect toolkit for you to manage your iPhone and android phone. The management functions are as follows:

  • Managing your iOS photos. You can use it to see the detailed information of your iOS photos and transfer them to both your PC and phone.
  • Managing your iMessages. You can use FoneDog Phone Transfer to transfer your iMessages which contains privacy data into HTML/CSV/TXT format.
  • Managing your contacts. You can use it to inspect the information of your contacts, for example, name, phone number, email on iDevice or android devices. You can also edit and transfer that information into HTML or vCard format.
  • Managing your videos. You can not only use FoneDog Phone Transfer to play different format videos but also transfer videos between iOS device/android device and other target devices, like iTunes U, TV shows, etc.
  • Managing your audio files. You can play, erase, plus the audio files to the playlist or transfer them to your PC. You can use it to make a playlist or ringtones by yourself. It supported audio files like music, voice memo, podcasts and so on.

Aside from the mentioned function, here are the powerful advantages of FoneDog Phone Transfer.

  • Transfer among iDevice and Android device. You can duplicate your documents between the 2 mainstream operating system.
  • Export to iOS device and Windows. You can export your phone documents to other phone or PC so you can use them anywhere.
  • Import to phone. You can transfer documents, even a folder from PC to your iDevice or Android device.
  • Backup and recover phone book. You can backup and recover all the information of your phone book with one click.
  • Managing your repeated contacts. You can use this tool to check the repeated phone number, then deleted them once.
  • Converting your HEIC. You can easily convert your HEIC to PNG or JPG so you can use them anytime you want.
  • Making ringtone. You can also use FoneDog Phone Transfer to make ringtone by adding audio files.
  • Checking the info of your device. You can use it to view the detailed information of your device, such as name, operation system version, free storage and so on.
  • Managing useless items. You can use it to choose the unimportant files and delete them from your devices.

Part 3: How To Transfer Data With FoneDog Phone Transfer?

After you have a general concept what FoneDog Phone Transfer is, now you may be eager to know how to use it to manage your data. Here I will show you an easy and quick step by step guide.

Step 1: Go ahead FoneDog official websites or download FoneDog Phone Transfer here: https://www.fonedog.com/download/fonedog-phone-transfer.exe.

Step 2: Connect your iDevice or Android phone to your PC. Let me take the iPhone for example. After you connect your iPhone with your computer, then press the Trust button so that the toolkit could start to work.

Step 3: The files you need to choose are on the left side of the computer, for example, photos, videos, contacts, etc. You can delete them directly or check them one by one. You can check the information like name, size and so on.

Step 4: After you choose the files you want to transfer, then you can export them to your phone, iPad or your computer. They can be transferred quickly. After the transferring process finished, the program will inform you how many files are transferred successfully and how many are failed.

Part 4: In Conclusion

Just as what we have mentioned before, transferring just one of the powerful functions of FoneDog Phone Transfer. Apart from that, it can also backup and restore the data of your phone, make ringtone and so on. There is no doubt that it’s a combined software meeting your various requirement! So just download it and have a try!

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