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How To Encrypt Your Android Phone


How To Encrypt Your Android Phone :-

Android is one of the most used OS used on the mobile. Nowadays most of the people have android phone and everything is saved inside your phone like your private pictures, your contacts and your important data etc. Have you ever-think about it, if your mobile lost or stolen, what a thief will do with your phone. he will easily use your SD card to get your important data. yesterday i read article about ” Hacking Android devices using Metasploit backdoors ” . After reading this article i realize that it,s good practices to make your phone encrypted.

However you have to enter your password in the time of opening your phone data.

it,s not very hard task to encrypt your android phone or SD card data. Open your Android phone setting.


Now tap on the Security option


Now you have two options here ” Encrypt Device ” and ” Encrypt SD card “. Encrypt device option will encrypt your entire phone data where Encrypt SD card option will encrypt your SD card data.


in my case i just want to encrypt my entire phone so i have to choose Encrypt device option. to start Encryption your battery must have 80% charge and choose at least 6 chractor password for encryption. Finally click on the Encrypt device option to start your phone encryption process.


Enjoy your Encrypted phone.

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