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How to use computerized sewing machine

A computerized sewing machine is the ultimate type of sewing machine that every sewist would want to have. This is because it has the most advanced features of them all, having multiple built-in stitch patterns that usually range in the hundreds, adjustable speed settings and many other convenience features.

One particular feature though that stands out is the use of an LCD screen for stitch selection and this is important because they are usually in the hundreds. With this, you either get touch or button functionality for selection purposes.

But how exactly do you use a computerized sewing machine? Find out below.

How to use computerized sewing machines

  1. Threading is a must

Whichever type of sewing machine that you buy, threading is a must. Luckily, if you are used to either a mechanical or electronic unit, then this won’t be an issue because the threading process is basically the same.

However, if you are new to this, ensure that you wind the bobbin then thread the upper half and lower half of the machine.

You can use the attached manual to help you do this or follow the drawn and numbered guide instructions on the machine to help you set up the thread in the required way.

  1. Button or touch stitch selection

After threading, the next challenge is selecting the stitch pattern from the seemingly endless list. Depending on your machine, you should use either the selector buttons or touch functionality on the screen to scroll through so as to find the specific pattern that you want.

For touch screens, this is usually easier because the stitch number, as well as the drawing itself, is shown on the display but for button selection, the screen is usually smaller, only indicating the stitch number.

If this is the case, simply use the stitch panel covers at the top or at the side of the machine as a reference because all the built-in stitch patterns are drawn and labeled there.

  1. Multiple convenience features

Since they are the very best at having convenience features, ensure that you utilize them all so as to enhance your sewing performance and for efficiency.

Such features include automatic thread cutting, needle up/down settings, speed level adjustment (to cater for beginners as well as for pros), adjustable stitch width and length settings, variable thread tensioning and the list goes on and on.

  1. Downloading feature

Lastly, some computerized sewing machines have the capability to download more stitch patterns from your computer, affording you with a lot of versatility in terms of the creations that you can make.

If you have such a machine, ensure to follow all the manufacturer instructions about the connection and transfer method and usually, a data transfer cable is included in the pack so this won’t be a difficult step.


Well, with all these, you might expect some complexity in using a computerized machine and this is true. However, it is not very difficult to master.

Following the most common recommendation of beginning with a basic mechanical sewing machine then upgrading to a more complex one later on (such as this type), it should be easier for you to adapt to the wide range of settings and have an easier time using any computerized sewing machine.

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