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How to use Safari best features in Google Chrome


How to use Safari best features in Google Chrome :-

If your favorite browser doesn’t have a particular feature that you have seen in another browser, you don’t have to miss out. You can just use a plug-in to add it. Here, i have looked at how to recreate some of unique features of Apple Safari browser in Chrome.

1. Safari Tab browser :-

To get Safaris Tab view feature, which lets you browse your open tabs using large thumbnails.

Open https://chrome.google.com/webstore/ and search for Tabs pane browser extension and install it.



2. Sync Bookmarks, tabs and history :-

With Safari’s icloud Tab service lets you transfer the tabs on your browser to a mobile device. To get a similar feature in Chrome, click the menu button and sign in with a google account to sync with other PCs and devices.

This means that when you browse the web on your PC you will get the same Bookmarks, tabs and history.



There are some great Chrome Web store extensions that takes this further.

Tabcloud , for example, lets you save all your open tabs. When you run Chrome on another computer, these saved tabs can be reopened.

Open Chrome web store and download it.



3. Share your Web Finds :-

Safari has an IOS-style share button to send web links to Facebook and Twitter. shareaholic google ( Download Now ) chrome extension will adds a button next to the menu button in Chrome that, when clicked, displays a list of sharing options, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkdin by default.



4. Offline Reading :-

If you travel with a laptop and don’t always have an internet connection, or you simply want to cut down on bandwidth, Safari can save web pages so you can read then later, either on- or offline.

Chrome’s Read Later Fast let you right-click a web page and select read later. To access your saved pages, open a new tab and click the Read Later fast icon. The Saved pages are listed and you can click one to view it.



Enjoy these Safari features in Google Chrome.

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