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5 Basic Essay Structure- How To Write An Essay

Writing an essay is not as difficult as people sometimes make it out to be. There are certain steps that can be followed to ensure that the essay is even remotely good. If you are just a student trying to do well then stick around because this one’s for you kid.

One: The Five-Paragraph Essay

The most effective and common essay format is the five-part essay. Five parts, sounds, like a lot I am sure but it really isn’t when considered. It simply is the essay broken down, this makes it easier to manage, plan and execute.

The first part is the introduction, followed by three body paragraphs, and finally the conclusion. Each serves the overall essay and help further drive the point of the essay forward. It is vital to take extra care of each of these five prongs to the essay in order to have a coherent piece of work that the professor will understand and process.

Two: The Introduction

The introduction is where we establish everything you are about to dive into. This is sometimes considered a tricky step for most writers who feel the pressure of the opening paragraph. Where to start can be tricky, sometime writers actually return to it later and move on to the next step which is the paragraphs.

Just consider these things, if the introduction includes; stating the thesis topic, how you plan to discuss the topic and the point’s that each paragraph will dive into then you are on the right track.

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Three: Three Body Paragraphs

This is where the bulk of the work comes in. The introduction may be a tricky and demotivating step but this is just as difficult. Why? You’re building on the foundation laid out in the introduction. Now it is time to discuss the points to tackle the topic in whatever direction is required of you.

Each paragraph speaks to something different. It is important to ensure you give them all adequate time to discuss the point and explain how it contributes to the overall essay. Remember that most essays have word count limits and it is vital to not test them as they are adhered to strictly when marking. Do not focus too much on one point and then leave the other two to flounder.

Each paragraph should do the following:

  • Introduce the point
  • Explain the point and how it relates to the overall essay
  • Back it up with research and references
  • Why are you talking about this? What does it add to your point that you are trying to convey?

Four: Conclusion

The end of the essay is where everything comes to an end for the writer and the reader. As the writer, you owe it to the reader the conclusion in which you have come to. All this writing was not for nothing. You wrote this essay to argue, debate, prove, disprove a theory or thesis and now you need to explain what your findings have done to aid you in your conclusion.

Refer back to the introduction of what the essay was about. Explain how you examined and dissected the topic, what steps you took and the rewards they produced. How your opinion was shaped by the findings and how it pertains to the overall topic. You need to answer many questions in the final part of the essay to show that the work was not pointless. This is the roof of the house you have built, it is as important as the foundation and the walls and should not receive any less attention.

Five: Bibliography

The end of the essay does not mean you are one hundred percent done. Refer to your reference list. Ensure that all references are clearly marked out throughout the essay and referenced properly. From there make sure these references end up in the bibliography as well to show where you got the information from. Sometimes we say things that some may not believe so it is always vital to back it all up with accurate references that are legitimized by professors, publication or other forms of certification.

That wasn’t all that difficult, was it? Now go and take a nap because I am sure you stayed up all night writing this essay! Follow these steps and you are halfway there to submitting a well-crafted essay.

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