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Best illegal movie sites that stream high-quality movies

There are so many sites in which the movies can be downloaded for free and a few times on the payment of money in case of new movies. But to get movies from legal sites without money is not possible so long. There are illegal movie sites from which you can download free HD movies. Well, we all know that to watch movies there are only two right ways one is to go to the cinema halls or to watch in the television.

But there are many who use the other ways that are by using illegal sites to download the movie for free. Licking of movies before moving out from the theater is a big crime and billion dollars are being filled in loss of the piracy.

But a thing to be noticed is that when you use these sites to download fresh and  streaming movies on theater takes the same cost as that a ticket of cinema halls. As the downloading from illegal movie sites absorbs more data and which becomes equal to the cost of the tickets.

Many countries like the UK, India have blocked a number of illegal sites and they permit only legal movie sites like Google play movie etc. There was a popular site named torronto.com which was well known and successful in the eyes of people. The movies were in the website within  few hours after release in the theater.

The Indian government blocked its site when they found out they had no license and great piracy of movies were going down to earth.

These sites do also use the personal information of users and send them to the hacker and it will mostly contain malware and viruses that will allow to upload or download any file which may be a threat to you as well as the system.

But one thing is that people download these movies in the high-speed network area but they won’t be able to watch it in peace as the information is least secured. Just below are few of such sites in which people download high-quality movies without any money.  A movie with free of cost legally is like a beggar left with his mother’s ton of gold.

  • Vimeo
  • The Internet Archive
  • Youtube
  • Vidmat
  • Crackle
  • MoviesFoundOnline
  • PopcornFlix
  • Classic Cinema Online
  • TopDocumentaryFlims
  • org
  • Public domain

The license sites upload movies only after a year or half of the movie’s release date whereas these sites release sooner and they make money with it without collecting from the users. But when you get caught you will have to pay a high fine which is equal to lifetime subscription of Netflix. Every day thousands of new websites are created and most of them upload irrelevant rated movies. Google keeps penalizing such websites. And these websites have so many ads when opened, they also upload videos from other sites to let their visitors stream it sooner. When you type “Watch HD Movie Online” in search the result which appears are all illegal sites and it will be containing pirated movies.

The study presented to the AAAI International Conference on Web and Social Media reveals a huge ecosystem of web servers which are operated by cyber criminals which is a copyright enforcer.

This crime is increasing quite well thus AAAI had an index to check all the video pages which revealed around 73% in a year upload copyright protected content illegally. Torrents are now fighting with new breeds of centralized service called streaming cyberlockers. The sites may own different names but mostly they are interconnected and they work for the same hidden organization. Few organizations like Gorillavid, Movpod, and Dacilips are the same entity and they alone own 15 % of the observed content.

Check Our Guide on Top 10 Free Movie Streaming Websites To Watch A Good Movie

illegal movie sites that stream high-quality movies

1. Viewster

illegal movie sites

It is a video on demand service in Switzerland. It has a wide variety of movies and web shots and even cartoon series without sign up in desktop or mobile app. And it pays license fee for each one of them but content differs from business agreements.

2. Snagfilms

illegal movie sites

It has more than 5000 movie and TV shows, old as well as new and it streams all independent films.

3. Popcornflix

It is a free movie streaming sites which contains ads. The website has a number of movies and shows in varied category.

4. The Internet Archive

The movie streaming is all those which fall under the public domain, which makes them 100% free to watch and download. It also has video game footage.

5. Tubi Tv

It only has movies that too new movies and only licensed movies for free. They have a partnership with Paramount Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer(MGM). They don’t have registration as necessary but registration gives new cool features which nonusers can’t get.

6. Classic cinema online

It has all the old films which make the lover of old schools happy. It has a unique feature it has silent films available.

The using of these sites are a great loss not only for the producers but also for the government’s revenue. The movies with the adult rating are not allowed to be upload in the licensed sites and one of those who has adult movies are banned immediately. Google plays a major role in blocking the sites as people mostly use Google as their search engine so the Google organization blocks the sites which are found spam and bias for the users.

The illegal movie sites are created not to upload just movies and earn but also to promote ads so that the ad company pays the money to the providers of the sites that is the reason we get so much of adds when you enter. Its better be safe and enjoy movies in theaters or to watch in televisions or licensed sites. The one easy way to find it is licensed is that it will ask for payment for a subscription once it doesn’t ask it just means it is illegal and you will be loosing 10 movies ticket amount if you are caught. Watch movies to enjoy and watch it in a safe way without you having a harm out of it.


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