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Lithium Titanate Battery Becomes Instrument Battery New Choice

In recent years, with the rapid growth of the new energy vehicle market, Lithium battery market has also been rapid development.

The ternary lithium battery is called a “ternary material battery,” it usually refers to a lithium battery that uses nickel-cobalt-manganese or nickel-cobalt-lithium ternary cathode material. Salt, cobalt salt and manganese salt are adjusted differently according to the ratio of three different components, so it is termed “ternary” and contains many different types of batteries.

Unlike the shape, it can be divided into soft pack batteries, cylindrical batteries, and hardcover square batteries. Its rated voltage can reach 3.6-3.8V, high power density, high voltage platform, high bypass density, long cruising range, high output power, low stability at high temperatures, but the excellent performance at low temperature and high cost.

Under high-temperature conditions, the ternary material of the lithium ternary battery will decompose at 200°C, produce a violent chemical reaction, release oxygen atoms and is prone to combustion or explosion at high temperature, so it is based on security considerations.

The Lithium Titanate Battery is a type of rechargeable battery based on advanced nano-technology, which has the following advantages as the rest of the lithium batteries.

Advantages Of The Ternary Lithium Battery:

  • Li-Titanate batteries have a wide range of operating temperature (-30-55 ° C) and a recharge efficiency greater than 98%, compared to other carbon-based batteries.
  • As a cycle Li-Titanate long-life batteries :> 3000-7000
  • Li-Titanate cycles the batteries are of high safety, high stability.
  • Li-Titanate batteries are green and ecological.

Applications And Uses Of Lithium Titanate Batteries:

On a current basis, Lithium Titanate batteries are used in automobiles in Japanese versions of Mistubishi’s i-MiEV, Honda and other electric vehicles. In fact, they are also being used in EV-neo electric bikes and electric buses by Tosa. The reason behind its usability is actually the durability, as they are safe, reliable and potent in quality. As these are eco-friendly, batteries, so do not harm the environment in any means which makes them stand out from other types of batteries and so is also in more demand today.

Uses Lithium Titanate Batteries:

As lithium titanate batteries are quite in trend because of its durability and reliability, these are used by many known brands in various purposes such as:

Lithium Titanate Batteries are produced and used in electric vehicles including the all-electric sports cars, and even electric buses. These high-quality batteries are used by companies like Lighting Car Company, Phoenix Motorcars, Proterra, etc. In fact, it also plays a crucial role in various type of military devices and applications such as electric grid ancillary, etc.

However, apart from electric vehicles such as buses, cars, bikes, Lithium Titanate Batteries are also widely used mobile medical devices, wristwatches, energy storage high-tech devices. As hold long life span, durability,security, and stability, so are also used in aerospace tourist coaches, charging stations, yachts, etc. In fact, some windmill projects and solar energy storage power projects also use Lithium Titanate Batteries.

High-tech traffic signals, solar lighting, USB power supply applications, communcation base stations, radar and weather grids, disaster relief stations and more uses these green and eco friendly batteries as a crucial backup power systems.

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