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Protect Your Smartphone From Hackers

Protect-Your-Smartphone-From-HackersProtect Your Smartphone From Hackers :-

The amount of personal information people store on smartphones, make mobile handsets a prime target for hackers. Not only are you susceptible to identity theft, but now that mobile technology is moving into the realms of online banking, auto-pay accounts and digital wallets, hackers can use malware to access your money.

1. Be careful with the applications you Install :-



This is particularly important for Android devices. Google recently 50,000 applications were withdrawn Suspects contain viruses. There are many applications, malware, viruses or other sneaky software to steal your information or limit damage to the phone. The Apple Application Store also has this problem.So, pay attention to the installation of applications.

2. Set a device lockout :-


All smartphones come with a security lockout. Granted people don’t like to keep unlocking their phones every time there is an email but leaving your phone open can prove disastrous.

There is a compromise solution: find a lock-out that is long enough for ongoing, day-to-day stuff, but short-enough to protect your phone should it wind up in enemy hands (fifteen minutes might be a good compromise). On Android phones there is a feature that allows you to create a finger-swipe pattern “password” which is typically faster than a traditional typed password.

3.  Protect from viruses :-


Smartphones are not remarkably different from PCs in that they also can get viruses, and more-and-more those viruses are designed to get at that treasure-trove of information that you have on your phone.  Thus make sure you’re running some form of anti-virus software to prevent malicious spyware from winding up on your phone and sending your information out over the web.

4. Avoid Jailbreaking or Rooting Your smartphone :-


If you jailbreak or root your Phone for fun and enjoyment, then good for you. But you should avoid it because it mess up your phone and show you more grief Happiness. Second, you will not be able to update your phone with the latest updates of the operating system, because it is in a unsupported mode.

5. Use an apps instead of Browser :-


If you’re banking on your Phone or trading stock or anything else that may contain sensitive personal data Information between your phone and the Internet, it is best to use in place a formal application to the site or the company with the opening Your browser example phone.For have Chase, Bank of America and other large financial institutions their own applications for iOS and Android.


6. Remote Wipes :-


Although it’s a horrid thing to have to consider, imagine if your phone was stolen and the thief was able to unlock it. What kind of information would this stranger have access to? Setting up a remote wipe will allow you (in a worst case scenario) to simply boot up your computer and issue a command that will erase all personal information from your lost or stolen phone.

7. Protect your iCloud and Google Account:-


The second thing is that most, if can someone in your access iCloud or Google account, you can access a data set that you could create and edit your smartphone. In these times, it is a step to allow the 2 -Check these two Google Account accounts.Your connects you essentially all Google services from Gmail to YouTube to Google Calendar Google Maps Play for Google Picasa by Google +, Etc.

Enjoy your Smartphone security.

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