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Why can’t I connect to the Internet or Server

Why-can't-I-connect-to-the-Internet-or-ServerWhy can’t I connect to the Internet or Server :-

In my previous article i wrote about How To Troubleshoot Internet Connection Problems . Today i am going to show you How to find the source of tcp/ip problem on the FTP , SFTP . POP , IMAP , LDAP and Usenet problem with Why can’t I connect program.

Why Can’t I Connect? is a handy and reliable application designed to help you test TCP/IP connections and solve possible errors.

Why Can’t I Connect? can go through all the steps of the connection process, enabling you to view error codes, descriptions and providing you with suggestions to solve the issue.

Why Can’t I Connect” makes it easier to resolve TCPIP connection errors. Diagnose connections to common server types and create generic clients or servers. It traces through all steps of the process and gives error codes, descriptions, and possible solutions for all TCPIP errors. A generic client can connect to any type of server given the right server name / IP and port.


like if you want to check the pop problem. then click on the common and select the POP option and enter your mail server address or IP-address.


if it will find the error. it will show you notification.


if there is any problem. it will show you possible reason.


same thing you can try for other server also.

If you don’t find your server, you can create a generic client under the ‘Generic‘ menu option. This client can connect to any type of server given the right server name / IP and port.

You may also create a generic server under the ‘Generic’ menu option to mimic a server on any port (if available.)

Use the ‘Advanced‘ menu option to step through the entire socket process (Bind, Connect / Listen, Send, Shutdown, Close).

Use the ‘Bridge’ menu to trace / analyze / diagnose the conversation between any client and server.

Check the tools menu for special functions.

Use the ‘Trace’ menu option to setup tracing to the screen and / or a log file. Tracing may be set to ‘All’, ‘Headers And Errors Only’, ‘Errors Only’, or ‘None’.

Hope this will help you in finding server problem.

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