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Tips for a Salesforce DX Developer to Stand Out in an Interview

Tips for a Salesforce DX Developer to Stand Out in an Interview

The life of a Salesforce developer is not an easy one, as he has to monitor and manage a whole lot of application development operations. Thanks to the latest Salesforce DX release, the workflow has become more efficient and the pressure has been somewhat reduced from the shoulders of a Salesforce developer. However, just like any other job, a Salesforce developer has to face the interview and grab the attention and confidence of a potential employer.

The interview questions for hiring a Salesforce DX professional can be tricky and challenging. In case you have been called for the interview, keep in mind that your resume has been shortlisted and the firm already knows about your qualifications. All you need is to face their questions and brief them with suitable answers. To help you out, here is a list of few tips that comes in handy while facing a Salesforce DX developer interview:

 Be Flexible When Displaying Your Experience

Like any other job interview, the interview questions are placed with an intention to check how proficient you are regarding the job profile. When it comes to applying for the designation of a Salesforce developer, you at least need to know the basics of Salesforce DX and what advancements the platform has been through lately. The common myth is that the number of years determines the relevant experience, but you do not necessarily need to fit into that mold always.

Based on the types of projects and firms you have worked in, you can show your achievements to the potential employer who needs a candidate for Salesforce development platform. Be flexible in showing your experience and knowledge during the interview and provide them with the perfect answers.

 Understand the Interview Format

Interviews for hiring a Salesforce DX professional can be structured in numerous ways. The employer can set up a simple question and answer round, or combine it with practical exercises where you might need to show your proficiency in things like scratch orgs and how to test the orgs provided by your peers. If you get to know that the interview will be more of a technical exam, prepare yourself in that way and go through all the important aspects of Salesforce DX. In order to have a technical knowledge of the Salesforce DX, you can read the blogs and FAQs available on sites like Flosum.com.

 Flaunt the Challenges that You Successfully Tackled

If you are a highly experienced developer who has worked for a large firm in the past, tell the employers about the challenges you that faced and tackled easily. Similarly, if you have worked for a relatively smaller business, show the interviewing team how you navigated the development platform on a budget. Also, make them understand how much you appreciate the DX platform and enjoy developing software on the platform within the given timeline.

Final Thoughts

The job of a Salesforce developer is always challenging, but at least you do not have to worry about the interview after going through this write-up. Follow the aforementioned guidelines and showcase the valuable experience you have working on the Salesforce platform along with your excitement to work with the latest DX features.

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