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Tips On How To Install Fonts On Windows 10 PC

Tips On How To Install Fonts On Windows 10 PC

Different versions of windows have offered you sir additional fonts with every advanced version. The number of fonts that are inbuilt with windows OS meet most of the basic requirements of fonts that are used in word processing, presentation, PDFs, and everyday business and personal communication. However, individuals who are in fields of designing and publishing may find the need to have additional fonts installed on the systems. Installation of fonts is not a very highly technical activity and can be carried out by anyone with limited knowledge of Windows operating systems. Here are a few useful tips that can help you to install fonts in your system very easily.

Three different types of fonts that professionals need to know

Before learning how to install fonts on Windows 10 PC you need to be aware that professionals who need fonts for specialist functions rely on three different types of fonts. The most popular among all categories of fonts are postscript fonts which are considered as a gold standard for the incredible resolution and quality of print outs. The second most popular type of font is the truetype font. True to its name it has a typeface that will be exactly replicated in printouts. The third and latest category of fonts that are widely used are open type fonts which have more characteristics than truetype fonts, while offering almost similar capability as truetype fonts

Installation of font files onto your system

there are two methods by which you can install fonts on to your system. One is by downloading the files from websites that offer downloadable fonts.  While many sites offer downloadable font faces free of cost, some sites charge a particular amount for exceptionally good quality fonts. The second option is to install a font from stored physical media.

How to install fonts downloaded from the internet?

You first need to identify a site from where you can download the fonts either free of cost or by paying the required amount. After your download the file onto your system you need to right click on the file and select install option. By doing this you will be installing the file onto your fonts folder. Once fonts are installed in the folder it means that the additional fonts can be used with all supported applications in windows 10 OS.

How to install fonts from physical media?

This is quite similar to installing fonts that are downloaded. The only difference is that you will be selecting the folder from the physical media where the funds are available. You can either copy the font files onto a destination folder inside your system, or you can install directly from the physical media also. You need to select the particular file from the folder and right click, after which you need to choose to install option. The font file will get installed into your system.

Choosing the drag and drop option for installation of font files

You can also drag and drop the selected font files onto your font folder for installing the same onto your windows 10 OS. To do this you need to open the source file where the font files are available and also open the system file containing the fonts folder on your system. Choose the font file that you wish to install, drag and drop it onto the fonts folder.   After your drag and drop that onto the fonts folder you can directly start using the fonts in any of the applications. The drag and drop installation method does away with the need for clicking on the file and choosing the install command. By including the file onto the fonts folder the funds are automatically included into windows 10 OS.

Important tips to manage fonts

to remove a font from the windows 10 OS all that you need to do is maneuver to the fonts folder, select the file and remove the font. When you choose to remove or delete a font file, you need to be aware that windows has many system fonts that are used as default fonts in applications. Deleting system fonts would cause problems in the operation of windows. Therefore the safest option is to only delete those fonts that have been included by you, and not to delete any fonts that have being a part of the fonts folder earlier.

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