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An Amazing and Useful Platform To Create Engaging and Interesting Content

An Amazing and Useful Platform To Create Engaging and Interesting Content

Opinion Stage is an interactive content creation platform that gives content suggestions for content creators and helps them making great and engaging content for their websites. Brands, agencies, and publishers use Opinion Stage to create compelling content that boosts engagement, generates leads/sales, drives traffic and gathers actionable insights.

The four best types of content that increase engagement will be discussed in this article.

The first is quizzes. You must be thinking how quizzes come in the category of great content? Well, Quizzes are one of the most viral and engaging forms of interactive content. There are two types of quizzes you can create which includes outcome quizzes and trivia quizzes. Outcome quizzes are sometimes called personality quizzes and are very prevalent online. If you spend a lot of time on social media, you’ve probably taken a personality quiz before. On the other hand, Trivia quizzes have several right or wrong answers. Users answer each question and then see how they did at the end, and you can also find out the right answer to every question answered.

Both outcome and trivia quizzes are great contents for increasing engagement. The reason they work so well is that users have to get involved to see the actual answers. People also like learning about themselves, and quizzes are a great way to help them do that.

The second type of content that increase engagement is Polls. In a poll, you ask your audience a question, and after they vote they can see how the votes break down. There are many scenarios where polls would be perfect. For instance, you might want to find out whether your users like your new site, you may also want to find out your audience’s favorite celebrity or tv series or movie or what they think on topics of the day. Polls are effective since people like sharing their opinions about things. They also like seeing how their opinion matches with the other persons. A poll makes it easy for them to compare themselves, which can lead to more debates on your site.

Another content suggestions for content creators is Survey. Surveys are great for finding out detailed information about your audience. You can use this information to make better content in the future and keep your users engaged on your website. The key to creating an engaging and exciting survey is to use a diversity of media. Opinion Stage lets you add images, videos, gifs and more to make your questions attractive and interesting. Visuals capture people’s courtesy and keep them coming back for more.

The fourth type is Slideshow. Slideshows are like PowerPoint presentations for the web, and they can be a lot more helpful in increasing the engagement of your site. As with all engaging content, the most critical thing for great slideshows is having a vibrant and robust concept of who the audience is, and matching the content to their needs, abilities, and interests.

So, after knowing the fruitful benefits of the above four types discussed you must be eager to make great content for your site as well! Opinion stage gives you a platform to create engaging content for your website and provide content suggestions for content creators to make their site the best of all.


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