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Top 5 social media marketing tips for the beginners

Half 2018 has been gone already and from what we have seen, the importance of social media for businesses is undeniable. Regardless of the size of your business, you can always gain advantage by promoting it over the social platforms. With social media you’ll be able to reach millions of individuals for free or you will get instagram followers. Do note that, it’s sometimes much easier and less time consuming to hire someone more experienced to do the work for you – for that, we recommend social media agency bahrain.

Below we have our favorite tips for marketing any business on social media in the right way.

  1. Stay Active

The key is to remain persistent. People make accounts on social media and give up on them after few weeks. Success on social media is not something that comes to you overnight. It takes time and effort. For better results it would need you to remain active for long term. By remaining active you have a better of getting more followers and likes. Keeping this in mind, always tweet or post more often to get more attention.

  1. Use Images

We all know that images speak louder than words. It’s no surprise that audience have shortened their attention span. People now a days don’t spend time on reading thousands of words. The content needs to be precise and to the point. The social media allows you to leverage audience’s attention. By using eye-catching images with texts alongside, you’ll be able to grab client’s attention and force them to pay attention. As a result you can get higher engagement rate.

  1. Scheduling Post

With satisfying clients and keeping eyes on your workers, you have no time left for social media. That’s when the schedule post option comes in handy. By using a scheduling system you’ll be able to create multiple posts and schedule them to be posted on the right time. You can also reschedule them if you wish.

  1. Paid Advertisements

Pretty much every social platform has paid advertise. If you want to get ahead, you’re going to need to spend a little amount. Paid advertising can give you significant boost for just small amount of cash. Create engaging and highly attractive posts in order to gain maximum engagement. Only your highest quality posts are worth promoting.

  1. Instagram Stories

It really wasn’t that long that Instagram stories took over internet rapidly. With time the feature has become famous and it isn’t going away any soon. In fact, the number of daily users of Instagram users have surpassed Snapchat viewers and that too within one year after the feature was initially launched. However, to get better results you must have at least 10,000 followers before you add the link. The link can then divert the traffic to your website or profile.


Just a few years ago no one could have thought that social media could help them to build up their businesses. Your job is to stay up to date with latest changes and be ready to adapt them at the earliest.

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