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Top loopholes in companies: Not enough awareness about security standards

In many companies, the average user isn’t really aware of the significance of security standards, the protocols and how to fully utilize these data protection options. Furthermore, the same amount of people or company aren’t even aware of the loopholes that emerge on the regular basis that include phishing attacks as well. Additionally, the security departments only exist to fill the void gap of not having anyone at all. These departments do not really have much experience to deal with and usually end up in no investment but only losses. Hackers as a result can tamper with whatever they want without much effort or hard work and it’s like a walk in the part for them to enter, take whatever they want, leave and return.

As a solution, you must take immediate steps of filling the minds of your employees with meaningful information that would help them grow, defend and be aware of their surroundings.

No scheduled updates and patches:

Companies do not give equal importance to the updates of OS resulting the delayed process of overall efficiency. Negative participants as a result are launching even better means of hacking viruses, malwares etc. If you follow regular updates of network security software and utilities, it would prevent the intruders from detecting the data in your possession and preventing any attacks from happening. All the systems that are present in your office are in dire need of updates on the regular basis, which means, this is a tiring process that doesn’t ask you to work only once but again and again.

As a solution, the option of auto-update exists that lets you relieve the stress of putting your system(s) on updates again and again, hence you save on time, effort and even money.

Not considering encryption ‘important’:

Know that by all means, encryption is an option that has no loose ends. Perhaps if we talk about the current century, there seems to be no other medium of security that could work better than encryption in terms of prevention measures. The reason behind this statement is the fact that it uses solid AES 256 bit encryption standards that do not really have any competition, enemy and hence stands all with less or no drawback. But not just any encryption algorithm is up for taking as only the latest version of 256 bit encryption is the one described above and anything before that like blowfish, twofish etc. aren’t that secure or are pretty much obsolete.

Giving no importance to backup:

Creating a backup is the easiest, most effective method of putting a boundary around your data that helps you recover your data in case of data loss. As expected, only minority has been known for creating the backup of their files while the majority still likes to play with fire. The best you could or you should be doing is right away upload the current data onto a cloud service and turn the auto-syncing feature on of your respective cloud account (if it offers) and be free.

In a nutshell:

In the situation we’re currently involved in, there is more harm than benefit in certain conditions. We love to brag about how fast the world has become and how easy life is, but we even forget sometimes the demerits of this century and usually end up putting up everything dear to us at stake. Don’t do that, don’t risk all for your comfort. Just take a few steps and be always a step ahead of the intruders as they won’t stop, that’s for sure and only if could take data security a bit serious, you could ace it.


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