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Trends that May Affect Your SEO Campaigns

Working with any SEO service Bangkok based makes a lot of sense because there is so much going on in the SEO world that it is hard to keep up for an average Joe. It is even more difficult for you if you have a business to run. You just cannot keep learning the new tricks and techniques while focusing on your core business activities. That is the reason why you should be working with a professional SEO company who can change your SEO campaign considering the latest trends.

Speaking of trends, you will find many new trends that are becoming stronger with the progression of 2018. Whether you are running your own campaign or working with a specialist, be sure to discuss these points with your service provider and ensure that your campaign is in line with these trends.

Quality Over Quantity

There was a time when all Google wanted was quantity. You could rank for any keyword simply by spamming your content with your targeted keyword. You could publish that content anywhere you like to gain visibility and better rankings. Things have changed today, and now is the time when quality has become more important than ever before.

Last year, Google made several updates to its algorithm, and it is important to take note of those changes to shape your SEO campaign in a better way. While there is no need to waste time digging around in rabbit holes to discover why an algorithm shift matters, you should ensure that your focus is not on quantity now.

Focus On An Experience-Centric Web

Google has really made it clear that every online business should focus more on promoting an experience-centric web. It means that users now need more informative content and they are interested in a more immersive web. Companies need to work on their SEO strategies and ensure that they are giving their users exactly what they want.

What it also suggests is that gone are the days when the content needs to be shorter whenever possible. The shorter content was likely to work better with users’ attention span going down considerably. It was common to see shorter videos as well as content divided into several shorter and more digestible blurbs. Now, the trend is changing quickly with users being interested in more informative, long-form content. They demand more education and information before they decide to reward the website with a conversion.

The shift is mainly because of the interest of more cost-conscious millennial who does not spend money without developing a connection with the brand first. Therefore, it is important to consider this point and work with a professional SEO company with experts who know how to connect with your audience in a more meaningful way.

Google Sculpting the Sites Indexation

Something you may not already be aware of is that Google has now started taking control of your website’s indexation. It means that if you manage to rank high for certain keywords, there is no guarantee that the results will be permanent. You may notice a massive drop in the number of pages indexed high in search engines in a very short time.  That may have made things difficult for SEO experts, but it also shows that Google is focused on making lives easier for their users.

Longer Form Content For Better Engagement

As mentioned already, the user experience matters a lot, and you can get good results by taking advantage of longer form content. The thing you need to understand is that long-form content is not just important for early stage engagement now. Today, users are interested in more education regarding a subject, which is why you need to produce longer copies with meaningful content. You have to continue feeding them with quality content even when they have spent time on your website and are close to making a buying decision.

Overall, it would not be wrong to suggest that with a change in trends, it is important than ever to work with a professional SEO company. Only experts can help you stay on top because understanding those trends is not something every SEO company can do.


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