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How to Activate Safe Search in Google Chrome


How to Activate Safe Search in Google Chrome :-

Internet is full of good and bad contents, it,s completely depend upon you what you want to learn from internet. Most of the time Parents are worry about their kids . In my previous article i wrote about How to block certain website from kids. If you are working in corporate world then most probably chance that you seen the Safe Search option in Google search result. Personally i enabled Safe search in my company with Cyberroam or Watchguard firewall for all company employ.

If you are looking for enable Safe search in Google search you can easily do it with search settings.

First i am going to show you what actually feature of Safe Search. If normally you search for any bad words then Google will show you all results. Like in my case i want to search for word ” Nude “. it will show you full result.


But after enable Safe search it will show like below image.



Open www.google.com and click on the Search settings.



Now check the “Filter explict results” option and click on the “Lock SafeSearch” option


now click on the“Lock Safe Search” option.



Now you have to login with your Google account to enable Safe search.It will enable a Safe search on your all Google domains.


Now may have in mind in my starting i talked about kids and here is nothing for kids. don’t worry about it. Now you have to create a new Google chrome user for your Kids and login with your Google account.

navigate to chrome://settings/ and in User section create new user for your kids. that’s it.


With the same method, you are also able to disable Safe search in your Google search.

Enjoy Your Safe Search.

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