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How to implement an Employee Monitoring System?

Most of the office companies already use some kind of employee monitoring software. Whether they decided to implement a monitoring system simply to prevent employees from visiting time-wasting websites or to track their company’s vehicle fleet or for another reason, the reality is that the monitoring systems are here to stay and it is completely legal.

Monitoring systems can also be used to monitor how employees behave towards clients. Another important reason for installing an employee monitoring system is to prevent data leaks and employees from stealing confidential information. This means that systems are fully justified in companies that work with clients or that deal with important data that cannot be shared with third parties.

But these systems can be considered invasive of personal privacy or tools that can harm the welfare of employees during work hours. If workers know they are monitored at all times when they work, the culture of the company and the relationship between employees and managers may suffer. Of course, with the right attitude and a little consultation with your workforce, you can change your mind about having to go to work knowing that your actions are being followed.

Make sure your employees are fully informed about the platform and the monitoring of employees in general. Explain how the platform monitors them, what forms of data it collects, in what cases it can be used, its legality and morality, and common scenarios where the data collected by the monitoring system can and can not be used. Let your employees know that they can appeal to human resources managers in situations they consider unfair or illegal. Be transparent and open about the installation and use of an employee monitoring system, and your staff is likely to accept it in record time.

Create a common agreement that allows workers to be exempt from being monitored during breaks, allows them to review their social feeds when they are not working and instruct employees who are in charge of monitoring employees so that they never track anyone after work hours.

To help your employees accept the monitoring software, such as Monitask, you have to explain everything about the legal use of the software and the limits of its use. For example, be sure to tell them that the cameras will not be used in bathrooms. Next, be sure to explain the reasons why your company decided to install a monitoring system and that it is not to invade your privacy.


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