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Purchase Guard Review – Solve Your Shopping Issues with a Dispute Mediation Platform   

Buying online is much more convenient these days. It’s simpler, a lot of times cheaper, and quicker, so unsurprisingly enough, many people prefer to do their shopping online instead of going to a physical store. However, bad things might happen no matter what, and misunderstandings between customers and digital merchants occur all the time. To deal with issues such as damaged goods, delayed deliveries, and cancellation of orders, disputes get filed every day.

To ease the process of filing a dispute and solving any issue as peacefully as possible, a new dispute mediation platform is now available. Purchase-guard.com is an all-new service and platform created to act as a mediation layer between shoppers and merchants, and make the online shopping experience much more pleasant and safer for everyone. In this Purchase Guard review, we’ll discuss what’s the platform about and how it actually works.

Is Purchase Guard the Online Dispute Resolution Service Everybody Was Waiting for?  

Today, the most used way to solve problems between online merchants and unsatisfied customers is to contact the seller directly – usually by phone or mail. However, whenever money is involved, things may go sour really fast! Some issues cannot be resolved, and disputes do not always end well, causing both the seller and the buyer to lose money in the long run.

More often than not, people contact their credit card issuers or bank to resolve their online shopping disputes, but this process is not devoid of risks. Online merchants risk ending up on the wrong side of the law if they get accused of “chargeback fraud.” Shoppers, on the other hand, risk losing their credit card services when they issue a wrong or false chargeback. As a result, it can damage their credit scores, negatively affecting their entire lives as they will have a difficult time getting loans or mortgage.

That’s why an online dispute resolution service such as Purchase Guard can make all the difference in the world for both sides. By offering a safer shopping experience online, the newly-launched dispute mediation platform strives at changing the whole online shopping arena by the end of 2019.

Purchase Guard – How it works?

Dealing with online shopping complaints can be a serious hassle without a third party that acts as a mediation layer between shoppers and merchants. Disputes must also be solved in a timely fashion to ensure customers’ satisfaction and save the seller’s reputation.

Purchase Guard is the first dispute mediation service that boldly promises to solve this long-standing problem, and from what we’ve seen so far, seems that it’s more than able to deliver. Ensuring that online shopping goes hassle-free is not simple, but Purchase Guard aims to deal with all disputes efficiently and professionally. So, let’s take took a look at how the process goes: –

Step 1:

The first step is to register your free Purchase Guard account by filling all the necessary personal details (address, email, name, etc.).

Step 2:

After the registration process is over, the next step is to select the type of purchase made, specify the merchant’s name, and then describe why your shopping experience was unsatisfactory.

Step 3:  

Representatives from Purchase Guard will now take charge of the situation and will start a negotiation process by working with both parts closely, trying to find the best (and quickest) possible solution to make both sides happy.

Step 4:

When a satisfactory compromise between the buyer and the seller is reached, the dispute will then be done and closed.

Knowing that a third-party service like Purchase Guard has your back can give you the so-much-needed peace of mind when buying or selling online. Let these professionals take the burden off your shoulders.


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