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The Irresistible Perks of Snovio Outreach Automation Tool

If we talk about outreach automation, all of us can’t go wrong with Snovio. Snovio is the most versatile and useful outreach automation tool thanks to which you can find and validate email addresses, and email the prospects. But the activity does not end up there. After seeing the emails, you can verify them and run the email campaigns in no time. Here are the Snovio perks that you can’t resist.

The drip campaign

The first advantage of Snovio to be pointed at is their email drip campaigns. Snovio will have the emails sent while you are sleeping. The good thing here is that you don’t have to preset with the complex templates or commands like other competitors. With Snovio, the user can take advatnage of their drag-and-drop campaign builder. You can set the triggers and delays, save the email templates you create for the future, schedule the email campaign sending to your preferences.

The speedy email finder & checker

One of the problems that many online marketers face is to collect active emails from their prospects. Well, you can’t launch an email drip campaign if you are not sure the emails you’ve gathered are real or not. There’s no need to mention that numerous companies intensely disclose information about their representatives. So, you will need to make an effort to collect the important contacts and get sure they are real and active.

Snovio Email Finder and Verifier work fast and cut down all of the problems. They will help you build the network and create new business relations in no time. You can search for emails on any webpage and save them to your lists of prospects for further verification.

Tracking the progress

One of Snovio tools displays accurate statistics when you send the emails to the recipients from Gmail or G Suite. For this purpose, it uses an accurate tracker that can result in rich statistics.

The Snovio platform comes with a reliable Email Tracker browser extension. It can show you how many times the email was opened and read by the recipient. It can even tell you if the recipient clicks the link inside the email or not.

You can use the Email Tracker for various purposes as well. With this precise data, you could accurately conclude the values of the campaign performance. At that point, you are aware if there is any room for improvement.

The user-friendly platform

The Snovio platform is easy to work with. Even though you don’t have any experience using automation tools before, it does not take a long time until you are capable. The Chrome browser extensions make everything simpler. You need to add them to the Chrome and sign up. You don’t have to leave the page and switch to software.


If you are looking for a reliable automation tool to build a robust network for the business, Snovio is the answer. You can try it for free, so you could use this opportunity to assess the service as well.

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