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Top 10 Must Have Cool Home Accessories

Home accessories are the latest rage. From vintage Knick knacks, eye-catching statement lights to portable smart devices each bring an exclusive feel to your homes. The voice revolution is happening fast, so much so that it has been predicted that such smart speaker devices will be running most households by 2022. Take a look at heaps of cool home accessories that you could grab, in order to offer your home that much needed cool vibe.

Steampunk ambience lamps to set the mood to portable heaters to help you relax on the go, we have collated all such head-turners under top 10 must have cool home accessories. Order online or visit stores and avail exciting discounts using Big Bazaar coupons.

Smart Home Speaker Device

The last couple of years has seen an increase in people waking up to an Alexa, a Siri or a Cortana and what not. These AI-powered appliances like the Google Home, Amazon Echo or Apple Homepod are equipped with integrated virtual assistants that offer a plethora of interactive actions and entirely hands-free activation. Most smart devices now come with voice-activated digital assistants to operate as home automation hubs that utilize Wi-Fi, Bluetooth to interact and connect to other available smart devices.

Bean Bags

The mention of Beanbags paints a picture of warmth, laze and true comfort. You can bring a touch of natural whimsy into your living room with these cosy seaters. Built in the dimensions of a big soft perch for your bottoms bean bags are so much fun. They are portable and versatile and can function both as a sofa or a decoration for your living space. They are not too pricey, are pretty low maintenance and cleaning is easy. A way to give your interior a facelift, this funny product should do the job. It is a lot more fun to snuggle into it after a long day.

Portable Workout Platform

Stay fit and healthy with the Portable Workout Platform. These versatile tools offer multiple configurations for cardio and strength workouts, making them ideal for any studio or home gym. Full body workout and option for stepping sessions are also available. Additionally, most brands come with integrated storage space, allowing you to quickly access hand weights resistance bands or other gear during your intense training sessions. They also double as an adjustable weight bench with anti-slip rubber top surface to help you move with confidence.

Designer Storage

As we keep accumulating more and more belongings, we’re endlessly looking for ways to store them. It is this continued need for storage has helped develop the concept of storage as a design element. By this system, not only can we keep our belongings organized, but do so in an attractive way. Designer storing is done by furniture and containers that are cleverly designed to maximize both form and function. Closet and wardrobe organizers are one of the most widely used systems, with limitless available setups.  Shelves, drawers and units designed to hold literally everything you own. These storage systems are equipped to be expanded and modified easily per the homeowner’s needs.

Portable Dual Comfort Fan Heaters

Feel comfortable in your space with these Portable Fan Heaters, designed for dual comfort. The devices are powerful and elegant and work both as a cooling fan and heater for your personal thermal comfort. Utilizing technology, the heater draws full power initially to heat up and reach the ideal temperature rapidly and provides heating in just two seconds. This dynamic heating system is completely safe and also energy and time efficient. The heater shuts off automatically when accidentally knocked over. These heaters are lightweight and easy to carry and move.

Portable Craft Beer Brewing

Over the last few years, we’ve seen several companies innovate and work on beer brewing appliances, taking it from complex basement setups to modern outfits that can sit right on the kitchen countertop. Brands like Hopii, Picobrew and LG have come up with the Homebrew which at the press of a button, handles every step of the beer brewing cycle, from fermentation to ageing to carbonation with zero human intervention. These are simple machines just like working with one of those single-serve coffee machines, that require you to do nothing but load a capsule, press a button, and wait for your drink to be ready. Which make them optimal for regular use for brewing your very own craft beer and impressing friends and family alike.

Wireless Speakers

These stylish and compact wireless modules offer thunderous bass when plugged to soundbars.  Highly advanced technology essentially eliminates any audible distortion and delivers remarkably neat, deep and crystal clear sound. The wireless connectivity ensures compactness and movability so you can immerse yourself in music or movies with the sharp and thunderous yet clean low notes just about anywhere. Brands like JBL, Boat, Bose, Philips etc make for must-have cool gadgets for your modern homes.

Portable Air-Purifiers
With so much pollution and allergens and the toxic air, our physical well-being is being put to severe tests. These magic devices come in pint-sized varieties to fit in your car or suitcase and also in medium portable sizes to clean and sanitize the air in your rooms. They have been verified and meet the testing standards for filtration effectiveness, even among the least expensive which has pushed top brands like Kent, Dyson, Philips, Honeywell etc. to venture into this growing market.

Recliners and La-Z Boys

A recliner chair or a La-Z boy is possibly the most versatile piece of furniture one can ever own. They come in various styles to complement any room and could be the most ideal centrepiece of a space-saving studio apartment or simply to hit back and relax while watching a movie. These plush seaters offer something for everyone. Some models can recline to a fully horizontal position and double up as both chair and bed. These bad boys have a special focus on comfort and big on convenience.

Trash Compactors

Guaranteed conversation starters, these bins solve the common problem of overflowing trash. A completely handsfree operation, as the inbuilt mechanism is designed to compress the contents automatically makes them sure winners. These compactors come equipped with carbon filters to keep the stench away and come in various capacities for you to choose.



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