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Find out the MTU handled by the network

Find-out-the-maximum-frame-size-handled-by-the-networkFind out the MTU handled by the network :-

The Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) size is the maximum packet size in bytes that a network interface can send over a network device. This size includes the protocol information, such as the TCP and IP headers.

The effective MTU size is also negotiated during the connection creation with the other end point, and the MTU can be reduced to the capacity of that device.

When the MTU is smaller than the packet size, the data must be divided into MTU sized packets. On the receiving side the packets must be reassembled, thus creating overhead that scales with the quantity of packages required. When the MTU is only slightly too small, there can also be wasted bandwidth. For example, when the MTU is slightly smaller than the average packet size the secondary packet can be almost empty.

Today i am going to show you How to Find out the MTU handled by the network or Server.

Open the command prompt and enter the command c:\>ping example.com -f -l 1500


The display Packet needs to be fragmented but DF set means that the  frame is too large to be on the network and needs to be fragmented. Since we used -f switch with the ping command, the packet was not sent, and the ping command returned this error.

Now on the command prompt and enter the command c:\>ping example.com -f -l 1300


You can see that the maximum packet size is le ss than 1500 bytes and more than 1300 bytes.

Now, try different values until you find the maximum frame size. For instance, ping www.rumyhacktips.com – f – l 1473 replies with Packet needs to be fragmented but DF set and ping www.rumyhacktips.com – f – l 1472 replies with a successful ping. It indicates that 1472 bytes is the maximum frame size on tins machine network.

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