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How To Trace an E-Mail Address

How-To-Trace-an-E-Mail-AddressHow To Trace an E-Mail Address :-

There are lots of situation that you need to be trace Email addresses. Like my case today i received one email from unknown sender about one interview.


personally i know the domain of client. So i decided to trace this email ( used Email client by me is Microsoft Outlook 2013 ) .

First Download eMailTrackerPro and install it. Now open your Email message that you want to trace. In the Tag section click on the Properties and copy the Internet header information.


Now Open eMailTracker program and click on the Trace an email and select the ” Trace an email i have received ” option and paste email header information that you copied and click on the Trace option.


Now it will show you Location country of sender , IP-address and Route traveled by email on the internet.


if you want to find out the location of ip-address then follow my article Trace a location from an IP address .

if you don’t want to use email tracking pro program then use http://www.iptrackeronline.com/email-header-analysis.php online service for this job.


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