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How to View Passwords Hidden Under Asterisks


How to View Passwords Hidden Under Asterisks :-

Personally i always seen a hidden asterisks password in Cybercafe. it,s always bad practice to save your passwords in public place computers. Actually it,s feature provided by approx all web-browsers to save the username and passwords to provide the flexibility to users, by default Browser’s are asking to save the password. Be remember, if you are following the correct security measures  then it,s not easy to hack you. Like in this case, you just visited the cybercafe to check your email, you entered your username and password then browser asked you to remember password for this site and you selected the yes. now your account is easily hackable because with small effort any IT geek will get your password.

Today i am going to show you How to view Passwords Hidden under Asterisks or How to Protect your self ?

View Saved Passwords

As you seen in below image, my Google account is saved in Google chrome , Right click on the Password box field and select the Inspect element option.


Now you will find the type = “password” option there.



Now you just change the password field to any word it will show you the password. In my case i just changed type = “password” to type= “rumy” and it,s showing me my password.


With the same method , you are able to view the password of all web-browsers.

Protect Yourself

Remembering passowrd is not easy taks speically in the case of complex passwords. Like in my case i am using very complex passwords like  B!c7<T_w*HY_z{5`L[#xn,P52-gRn#+qRPW?g4<cT~U5!wsSdvJr+L9[[.]V*(wt . Don’t think i am genius and i easily remember this passwords. I am using LastPass as my Password manager to remember my all passwords. If you are using Lastpass, you need to be remember only one password for lastpass and leave other thing on Lastpass.

Check my article  How to protect your passwords with LastPass

So you have no need to be saved your password in browser, leave this work on Lastpass.

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