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How Hackers Gain Access To Your Computer

How Do Hackers Gain Access To Your Computer

How Hackers Gain Access To Your Computer :-

Viruses , Trojans , malware : these are the weapons of the Hacker. However, our carelessness is the actual strength of cyber criminals.

This is really big topic to write. i already write many articles on hacking  and to protect privacy. Today i am trying to cover up some popular methods of hacking.

Drive By Downloads :- Hackers install spying scripts on websites and uses them to find out security loops in unprotected computers. The hacker then gets access to the unprotected computer using a malware and is able to acquire personal data in this way.

Drive-by Downloads are like great fishing nets for the hackers. Firstly, they fish for unprotected computers, then they acquire a huge amount of data. The Zeus Trojan is the most infamous malware in this category.

How Hackers Gain Access To Your Computer How You Protect Yourself :-

  • Install an antivirus software
  • Update operating system program regularly
  • Always  keep your browser plugins updated.

Man-in-the-Browser Attacks :-

Hacking in real-time : in the so-called man-in-the-Browser attacks, a computer is infected with a Trojan First, which immediately forwards the users activities. in this way, the hacker can manipulate “live” online transfers and redirect any amount of money they want.

How Hackers Gain Access To Your Computer1

Hackers do not throw out their nets just in the ocean. if the victim appears to be particularly big fish, even a specific attack is worth while. With man-in-the-browsers attack, hackers can manipulate online transfers now – all of it in real time.

In 2009, the mysterious GhostNet caused a furor in the entire online world.

The Spy on the Internet :-

However, hackers catch the small and big fishes no just with viruses, worms or Trojans. Very often, internet criminals also use security loopholes in social networks such as Facebook. The advantage given to the cyber criminal ? A lot of the victims personal data is available here.

How Hackers Gain Access To Your Computer2

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Social Hacking :- 

Even company or industrial spies use social networks very often as the starting point for their cyber attacks. The hacker will access sensitive company data via a poorely-protected employee PC,

How Hackers Gain Access To Your Computer3

and at the same time, they also get to know the relationship between employees. Psychologist name this strategy as “Social Engineering “.

The Careless User :- 

Whether it,s Drive-by download , Man-in-the-Browser attacks or social hacking, cyber criminals wouldn’t have succeeded so triumphantly if not for the nativity for many users.

Splash Data , a provider of mobile security software, has listed the 25 most frequent passwords and passwords published on the internet.

How Hackers Gain Access To Your Computer4

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The Underestimated Risk :-

Many users cannot imagine that they are targeted by the Data Mafia. “hackers can acquire data and passwords from poorly protected computers and even control them. Therefore, the careless users are the biggest and most trusted henchmen to internet criminals – those who are unwillingly and unknowingly connected to a gigantic botnet or as part of a chain of money launders

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