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How to check a Website for a Virus

How-to-check-a-Website-for-a-Virus How to check a Website for a Virus :-

If you are Webmaster and you want to know How to know your website is infected with any malware then this tutorial is completely for you. Today my one friend Mr. Saiban Ahmed informed me, he is getting Phishing site warning on his one article link. Saiban is webmaster at  http://onemoretrick.com/ . but When i checked his link i found nothing wrong.

Today i am going to show you How to check a Website for a Virus or Malware.

1. www.urlvoid.com :-

including your website status with Multiple antivirus engine.

2.  http://sitecheck.sucuri.net/scanner/ :- 

Sucuri is really a great online to check your site for Virus or malware infection.
If you have WordPress website then just install the Sucuri WordPress plugin and run Scan for all website.
Enjoy virus free website.
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