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Fix your Online Privacy Leaks with AVG Privcay Fix


Fix your Online Privacy Leaks with AVG Privcay Fix :-

Your Facebook posts and Google search data can be accessed by anyone, if you are not careful. AVG’s free privacy Fix software shows what you are sharing and lets you plug leaks from your privacy Fix Start page. Today i am going to show you How to fix your online privacy with AVG privacy fix which is available for  Google chrome, Firefox, Android and IOS devices.

Go to https://www.privacyfix.com/ and click on the Get AVG PrivacyFix for free option.


Now it will ask your permission to add in chrome. which will access your data on all website, read and modify your browsing history and cookies and other information.


Now it will ask you to connect with Facebook.


Now allow this app to access your Facebook data. Now click on the Enable Privacy Alerts option.



now it will show you your all privacy problem. Click on the Fix button to Fix it.


After clicking Fix, you will reach on the particular privacy page. Just select No one option. Like in my case i just want to fix Likes are used ads then i click on the Fix and it will redirect me on Privacy options and here i choose the no one option. 🙂


Enjoy your Privacy with AVG Privacy Fix.

This article is dedicated to my friend Shazia Shakeel , who asked me to wrote about Facebook Privacy.

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